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HP54300A Probe Multiplier

    The HP Model 54300A is a programmable, dual eight to one probe multiplexer, designed to expand the input capability of instrumentation systems with 50 ohm input inpedance. The unique strenght of the multiplexer is it's configurability. The user may select from three input pods: two high frequency - high impedance probes or a 50 ohm BNC input for terminated line appilications.

    The Multiplexer features full IEEE-488 bus programmability as well as simple front panel manual control. The 54300A has internal nonvolatile memory for storing lists of switch closures. A switch closure is considered to be a pod selection from Channel A and/or one from Channel. Switch closure steps may be advanced from the front panel, or over the IEEE-488 bus. For data logging appilications, a rear panel input and output (TTL compatible) is provided.

    The HP Model 54300A is the ideal solution in situations where dleicate high frequency connections must be maintained and probes cannot be conveniently moved from one connection to another. Complex measurements can be automated by using the Multiplexers 16 inputs. Under computer control, one or two of the inputs may be switched into an instrument at any one time. By using nine multiplexers, cascaded two deep, a total of 128 input channels is achieved.



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