HP Products


Below are Agilent / HP Products. Click on the links for more information.

Model Name/Number Model Type
HP 1650A Logic Analyser
HP 16500A Logic Analyser Module
HP 16530A Logic Analyser Module
HP 16531A Logic Analszer Module
HP 435A Power meter
HP 435B Power meter
HP 436A Power meter
HP 54112D Oscilloscope
HP 5328A Universal Counter
HP 6038A Power Supply
HP 6033A Power Supply
HP 6622A Power Supply
HP 54300A Probe Multiplier
HP Digital I/O VXI Bus
HP Relay MUX VXI Bus
HP 4936a Transmission Impairment Measuring Set Audio/Video
HP 86635A Modulation section Special Purpose
HP 628A Signal Generator
HP 8660c Signal Generator
HP 8015A Pulse Generator
HP 8901B Modulation Analyzer
HP 778D Directional Coupler

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