Miscellaneous Products


Below are Miscellaneous Products. Click on links for more information.

Model Name/Number Model Type
California Instruments 2001RP AC Power Source Power Supply
Ram Absorber Material Special Purpose
Air Band Cavity Filter Special Purpose
Weller EC Desoldering Head Special Purpose
Datatape inc TSC 2000 A Tape system calibrator Special Purpose
Astro Design VG-819 Digital Video Generator Special Purpose
Astro Design VG-851 Digital Video Generator Special Purpose
JAI CV-M50 Special Purpose
DME Transponder AN/APM 378 Test Set Special Purpose
Torque Limited Screwdrivers Special Purpose
Nyad Hygrometer 160 Special Purpose
EFOS Novacure N2001 A1 Special Purpose
Cam Metric Thermocouple Test Set Special Purpose
BDY91 Transistors Special Purpose
National Instruments CB-50lP Special Purpose
Precision Oscillator 850T Series Special Purpose
North Atlantic 530 Synchro/Resolver Simulator Special Purpose
Emhart Dynapert EDB 520 Special Purpose
Siemens Storpegelmesser 15Hz-30kHz Psohometer Special Purpose
LeCroy Digital Oscilloscope Waverunner Manual Manual
Gigatronics 8541C Universal Power Meter Power Sensors
Pacific Measurements 13782 Power Sensors
Anritsu 8801B Radio Communications Analyser Communication Test Sets
Coutant GPE 100/24 Power Supply Power Supplies
Omron S82F-3024 Power Supplies
3CCD Colour Vision Camera Module 1:1.4 Lens Audio/Video
3CCD Colour Vision Camera Module 1:2.2 Lens Audio/Video
E-Field Probe 10MHz - 40GHz NARDA Probes
Avtech AVO-8A-C Laser Diode Driver Laser Diode Drivers
Marconi 2305 Modulation Meter
255MHz 25 Watt R.F Amplifier Amplifier
510A X Band Teaching System Teaching Systems
Gyro Magnetic Compass Gyro

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