Evershed & Vignoles Bridge Meg Tester


Evershed & Vignoles Bridge Meg Tester


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SERIAL NO: 212429


Megger circuit tester Evershed & Vignoles

The “Megger” instrument for measuring the insulation resistance of electrical devices was introduced by the British firm of Evershed and Vignoles in 1903. The name comes from the fact that the insulating resistance of a properly-designed appliance is in the range of tens and hundreds of meghoms. The crank on the end powers a generator connected to a specially-designed meter. GB patent number 400728 was granted in 1933. (More information from source)


  • 0Ω to 50 MΩ / Infiity, OK
  • Powers on OK
  • 0Ω / 100 KΩ / 1 MΩ / 18 MΩ all OK
  • Case / body in reasonable condition for age