Fluke 5100B Calibrator


Fluke 5100B Calibrator, tested.

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This equipment has been tested and is described as partially working. Please refer to the tests/remarks section below for details.

SERIAL NO: 6695010992414


The Fluke 5100B Series Calibrators are the world’s leading calibrators for analog and digital multimeters to 4’/2 digits. Dependability, five-function versatility and cost effectiveness have made the 5100B Series Calibrators basic equipment for nearly every calibration laboratory. Now these calibrators offer even more value.

DC voltage uncertainty is 40 ppm; Basic AC uncertainty is 350 ppm. The front panel includes high-voltage safety terminals together with control grouping optimized for user friendliness. Quality and reliability are also enhanced with modern manufacturing methods including statistical process control (SPC).

Additional Features:

  • DC & AC Volts: 20 mV to 1100 V full scale (0.1 µV resolution)
  • 50 Hz to 50 kHz frequency of standard unit
  • DC & AC Current from 200 µA to 2A full scale
  • 1 O to 10 MO resistance in decade steps
  • Wideband option
  • Drivers incorporate it into an ATE system using Flukes MET/CAL Software

Data Sheet


  • Intermittent fault on v/AC and v/DC. Reading OK to 150v, but O/L (overload) error randomly appears for ranges above this. Sometimes it works fine with no problems, other times it throws the OL message.
  • Right hand carry handle broken
  • Note: Not calibrated
  • +30 KG, collection or pallet freight only
  • Options fitted include:03 Wideband Frequency;
  • IEEE & RS232 NOT present

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