HP 3335A Synthesized Level Generator

HP 3335A Synthesizer/Level Generator


Quantity: 2
Serial No: A338028

The HP 3335A Synthesizer/Level Generator has performance characteristics that make it ideally suited for the telecommunications industry as well as for traditional synthesizer applications, including testing of Frequency Division Multiplex FDM equipment and R&D and production testing of communications systems.

HP 3335A Datasheet


  • Minimum Frequency 200 Hz
  • Maximum Frequency 80 MHz
  • Frequency Resolution .001 Hz
  • Time base stability 0.00000001 /day
  • External Frequency Reference 40 MHz
  • Maximum Output Power 13 dBm
  • Output Accuracy .05 dB
  • Output Impedance 50 Ohm
  • Harmonics (noise) -40 dBc
  • Non-harmonics (noise) 75 dB
  • Sweep Modes List
  • Maximum points of step sweep 1000 pt/sec

Tests/Remarks – serial no: A338028

  • Frequency test 1Hz to 80 MHz – All OK.
  • Sweep – OK
  • Case/body – average condition, general wear and tear
  • Note: Right side handle loose – screw? Do not lift by handles.

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