HP 432C Power Meter


The HP 432C Power Meter provides high accuracy over a wide temperature range. By measuring the output voltage of the thermistor bridges and computing the corresponding power, even higher accuracy of ±0.2 percent ±0.5 µW can be obtained. Accuracy can be maintained on even the most sensitive range because the error due to thermoelectric effect is reduced to a negligible level.

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Serial No: 212BA01316 

  • HP 432C Power Meter has 4 ranges with full-scale readings of 10 and 100 µW, and 1 and 10 mW. Noise is less than 0.25% of full scale peak (typical). The meter offers three digits with one digit over range. Has BCD output standard.
  • Condition: Tested and working. In fair, used condition. Power head fitted okay; Display ok. Zero Head reset ok.

Price: £130.00 GBP
Shipping (UK Mainland): £15.00 GBP