HP 8566B Spectrum Analyser & Display, 100 Hz to 22 GHz


HP 8566B Spectrum Analyser & Display, 100 Hz to 22 GHz tested.


This equipment has been tested. Please refer to the tests/remarks section below for details.

SERIAL NO: 2430A01001 (Spectrum Analyser) & 2542A11319 (Display)


Designed for bench and system use, the HP 8566B offers superior measurement speed, microwave frequency accuracy, and sensitivity. Measure low-level signals up to 22 GHz with narrow resolution bandwidths. Synthesizer stability virtually eliminates long-term drift and residual FM.

Frequency range is 100 Hz to 22 GHz with a de-coupled input. Preselected external mixers extend this coverage from 26.5 to 75 GHz. Other external mixers allow measurement to 325 GHz!

An internal bus and microcomputer control make possible many powerful operating and data processing features, as well as flexibility under computer control. Sixteen Kbytes of user RAM are available for storing trace data, instrument states, and custom downloadable programs (DLPs)] All displayed information can be sent directly to an HP-IB plotter when sweeptime is greater than or equal to 20 ms.


  • Powers on OK
  • Display OK
  • Tested from 10 KHz to 21 GHz, all OK.
  • YIG Error reference error appears until oven warms up (approx 5 mins)
  • Case / body in good condition for age
  • Sold with interconnecting cable, RF & data cables

Collection only from Banbury (OX15).

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