HP 8640A Signal Generator


HP 8640A Signal Generator covers the Frequency range 0.5 to 512MHz. Output level range is +19 to -145 dBm. Calibrated, Metered AM,FM, and Pulse modulation. Dial accuracy better than 0.5% and reSetability is better than 0.1%.


Quantity: 1
Serial No: 1827UOO832

The 8640 signal generator covers the frequency range 500 kHz to 512 MHz (450 kHz to 550 MHz with hand overrange) and can be extended to  1100 MHz with an internal doubler (option 002). An optional audio oscillator is also available to extend the CW output range of the generator down to 20 Hz. This broad coverage, together with calibrated output and modulation, provides for complete RF and IF performance tests on virtually any type of VHF, and UHF receivers.

Item has been tested with the faults identified and results/remarks detailed by our engineer below.

HP 8640A Datasheet


  • 500KHz – 1 GHz test 1m/10m/100m/500m/1 Gig – OK
  • Output level – OK
  • AM MOD – OK <100%
  • FM MOD DEV-10KHz/80/100/320 – OK
  • All knobs/switches OK
  • Output level – OK
  • Inside round plastic cover loose
  • Case condition – good/average, missing HP logo on top left. Lots of small scratches on casing.

Price: £250.00
Shipping (UK Mainland): £15.00/ea GBP