Racal Dana 9917


Racal Dana 9917 Frequency Counter

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The Racal Dana 9917 is a 9 digit, 560MHz frequency counter that features direct count operation over its entire frequency range. The units feature automatic gain control (AGC) on both channels for ease of use and high noise immunity.

The 560 MHz input channel is protected up to 35 V rms by a fast acting PIN diode attenuator and reed relay. The model also includes an LF multiplier circuit for fast, accurate measurements of audio and sub-audio signals. A frequency burst mode for measurement of short duration signals and data output are also standard features.

This equipment has been tested. Please refer to the tests/remarks section below for details.

Racal 9917 Datasheet


  • Frequency Range : 10 MHz to 60 MHz
  • UHF Frequency Range: 40 MHz to 560 MHz
  • Scaling Factor: Direct
  • Resolution: 0.1 Hz in 10 sec (0.001 Hz in LF multiplier mode)
  • Accuracy: +/-1 count +/- timebase accuracy
  • Burst mode: standard


  • B: 10 Hz to 60 MHz – OK
  • A: 40 MHz to 560 MHz – OK
  • Burst/Norm – OK
  • Gate time – OK
  • Case/body in fair condition, some small marks/scratches etc.

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