Tektronix 2754P Spectrum Analyser


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The Tektronix 2754P is a spectrum analyzer with a frequency range of 10 kHz to 21 GHz. The P suffix designation indicates GPIB Programmability.

The minimum resolution bandwidth is 1 kHz, and provides measurement resolution proportional to the frequency accuracy or span. In addition to conventional digital storage features, non-volatile memory (NVRAM) stores up to 9 separate waveforms with their readouts and markers, for later recall for additional analysis and comparison, and 10 control settings. Also, store up to 39 preselector peaks and 12 external band peaks. The instrument can selectively count one particular signal out of several that may be present at its input.

The Tektronix 2754P offers a broad selection of features and benefits to meet wide-ranging needs for laboratory-level frequency domain spectrum analysis. All units provide full IEEE-488 (GPIB) programmability, which means you can change front-panel settings, read data from the CRT display, and send waveforms from internal digital source memory to other GPIB devices. The 2754P is designed for benchtop use or rackmounting, in the lab, on an engineering workbench, or on the manufacturing floor.

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Tektronix 2754P Datasheet | More information on TekWiki


  • Frequency range: 10 kHz-21 GHz
  • Continuous resolution frequency tuning combines synthesized settability and accuracy with analog feel
  • Wide viewable dynamic range
  • Built-in frequency counter provides frequency determination to within 0.0000001%
  • Sensitivities to -134dBm
  • Built-in intelligence for signal processing/marker functions
  • Push button occupied bandwidth and noise-normalization functions
  • Macro capability with nonvolatile memory to  simplify and speed up commonly-used routines
  • Nonvolatile memory for up to 9 waveforms and 10 front panel settings
  • GPIB Programmability with Tek codes and formats for standardized Bus Operation
  • Ergonomically-designed front panel controls
  • Direct screen data plots without a controller


  • 10KHz – 21GHz – All ok.
  • Condition: Case fair/good

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