Tektronix 492 Spectrum Analyser


Tektronix 492 Spectrum Analyser, tested.


This equipment has been tested. Please refer to the tests/remarks section below for details.

SERIAL NO: B042820


The Tektronix 492 is a spectrum analyser with a frequency range of 50 kHz to 21 GHz. The minimum resolution bandwidth is 100 Hz, and provides measurement resolution proportional to the frequency accuracy or span. With non-volatile memory (NVRAM) you can save up to 9 waveform displays, up to 10 complete front panel measurement parameter setups, and 8 K for programming macros of commonly used routines.


  • Fully tested, all ranges ok.
  • Checked from 50Khz to 20Ghz
  • Check reference to RF -20dB. 0dB +20dB
  • Not calibrated.
  • Digital storage OK, Filters OK
  • Display good, all controls work.
  • Basic functions all checked.
  • Options Fitted
    • Opt. 01: Internal Preselection. (Limits the first band to 1.8 GHz instead 4.2 GHz). Later became standard
    • Opt. 02: Digital Storage. Later became standard
    • Opt. 03: Frequency Stabilization & 100 Hz Resolution. Later became standard