Tektronix TM504 Pulse/Function Generator

The TM504 mainframe accepts up to four single width TM 500 plug-ins. The TM 504 comes equipped with a front panel switch, tilt ball and a handle. The right hand compartment is a high-power compartment. Mainframe contains Tektronix FG504 40MhZ Function Generator & Tektronix PG508 50MhZ Pulse Generator.


Quantity: 1
Serial No: 201484

  • Brief Specification: Tektronix TM504 Pulse/Function Generator mainframe with FG504 40MhZ Function Generator & PG508 50MhZ Pulse Generator.
  • Sweep duration knob – CRACKED
  • Main Level knob – VERY STIFF
  • Function Generator Section Test – OK
  • 50MhZ Pulse Generator – OK
  • Case in reasonable condition, marks/scuffs to top.
  • Control Error LED flashing – unknown cause, only when output BNC inserted.

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Shipping (UK Mainland): £15.00/ea GBP