Gigatronics 8541C Single Input Universal Power Meter


The Gigatronics 8540C Series Universal Power Meters combine accuracy, speed, range and measurement capabilities unavailable from any other power meter.

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We currently have 2 units in stock, please contact us for specific details.

Built-in features such as power sweep calibration and frequency calibration provide an unequalled degree of measurement accuracy. Only the 8540C Series power meters have the speed and range to meet the throughput  demands of high volume manufacturing.

And the meters can measure the CW, peak and true average power of the complex modulated signals used in EW, radar, and communications systems.

Serial No’s: 1833604 & 1833605

  • Condition: Tested and working. In fair, used condition. Freq test min. 500KHz. Tested at 500KHz/1m/10m/100m/1 gig. dB test at -5/1/5/10 OK. 1 unit (serial no 1833605) reads +0.27 dBm – suspect test RF cable?. Display good, buttons ok. Body/case in fair condition with cosmetic wear/tear. Some units have  dim lamps/backlights. Please contact us for details.

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